Living with Migraine Part 2

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Migraine often occurs for the first time in your teens or early 20s. It is most common in the 30 to 40 age group. At least 90% of people with migraine experience a first attack before the age of 40. Generally it is true that migraine improves as we get into our 50s and 60s. Studies show 40% of people with migraine no longer have attacks by the age of 65. Before the menopause, three times as many women as men have migraine. After 60, when hormonal factors are less likely to play a role, twice as many women as men have migraine.

Here are some DIY cures for headaches >

Behavioural treatments help people with migraine address lifestyle factors to improve migraine management. Some behavioural treatments that have evidence showing they reduce migraine frequency include the following. Let’s look at some treatment options for migraine :

  • Relaxation Training…

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  1. These migraine attacks might be accompanied by aura, among other symptoms beyond head pain. That means that people living with Chronic Migraine have more headache days marked by debilitating pain each month than they have pain-free days.

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