Getting my Hagrid on


There’s never a week where I don’t at least have one or two ‘Hagrid moments’. Now, I reference Hagrid not only because I’m a Harry Potter fanatic, but also because he’s probably my fantasy-world spirit animal. Too clumsy. Too blunt. Too naïve and just a friggin’ expert at doing and saying the wrong things at the wrong time. Blundering through life while enjoying it regardless. C’est moi. When you always find the light even in the darkest of situations and can find joy in the little things – you’re effectively Hagridding. But that also means you’d sometimes better keep silent a bit more.

So I regularly find myself internally screaming ‘Should not have said that. I should NOT have said that!’ at myself. This usually happens in Teams meetings at work – where I manage to blurt out my thoughts and opinions at any given moment…

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