For You

Come Enjoy This Love Poem by Kim

Kim V. Poetry

I remember the
breathy whispers
and the soft moans.
My name on your lips.
Yours on my tongue.

Your fingertips
Trailing down
My spine.
Caressing every inch,
Every curve of me.

I remember
The hot nights
In the summer,
When we made
Love under the
Just the two
Of us
Under a blanket of

Your voice,
In my ear,
Bringing me
To the edge.

I remember
Being wrapped
In your arms.
Bodies so entwined,
That they could be one.
Sometimes we talk
About our dreams.
Sometimes we say
Nothing at all.

I remember the feeling
When you went away.
The pang of sadness,
The tears shed.

But I also remember
When you lifted
Up my chin,
Eye to eye
Forehead pressed
To forehead,
You said,
“Goodbye is not Forever
And Forever never dies.”

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