Daily Dose for the Soul

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One of the no-limit qualities is the ability to think and act as if what they’d like to have is already present. This is another secret for success and inner peace. The power of intention is so doubt deficient that when you’re connected to it, your sense of knowing sees what you’d like to have as already present. There are no contrary opinions whatsoever.

How to access the power of intention? Stay on the active side of the infinite, where all of the energy for creation exists in everlasting supply. Night and day, dream of what you intend to do and what you intend to be, and those dreams will interpret your intentions. Let no doubt into your dreams and intentions. The dreamers are the saviours of the world. Just as the visible world is sustained by the invisible, so too do the manifestations of man find nourishment in the…

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2 thoughts on “Daily Dose for the Soul

  1. When I use the word infinite, it is not in the sense of numbers. Rather, I mean that we are beings that have no finiteness to us. Humans are having infinite capacity and capability to experience. We are restricted only by our thoughts and actions in exercising this infiniteness.Across time and space, we always were, always will be. And the reason that we are infinite is that we possess SOUL. It is that link between us and the universe which ensures our infiniteness.

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