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Get ready to maximise your potential, maximise your living with empress2inspire’s new posts series “Daily Dose of Living”. These series will bring you the best in personal development and productivity every day of the week. Your best life awaits.

In today’s post we will learn how to stop worrying about money. You’re already rich, and thus it is time to start living that way. This seemingly Antimustachian sentiment is not an endorsement of bullshit luxury spending. You don’t suddenly “Deserve” a new Mercedes, and you’re not about to go hire someone to cut your lawn and fingernails for you. But what you can do is give yourself permission to stop worrying about money, forever.Once you have established the habit of non-ridiculous living and the correspondingly pumped set of frugality muscles, you are out of the woods. Riches are inevitable. You may not see it yet, because you are still climbing the ladder. Your naturally cautious…

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  1. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has had the whole world on edge. In addition to being afraid of getting the dang virus, people are also scared of losing their jobs, anxious about political drama, and uncertain about the future of our economy.

    As much as I hate to admit this, there was a minute when I was really worried about what would happen to me. There were days when I believed we’d be okay financially, but then other times—usually after watching too much news—I would get fearful and start asking, “What if?” And if you’ve ever been in a what-if spiral, you know those scenarios can get out of control fast. They happen all the time in everyday life—not just during a pandemic.

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