Assess, Revamp, and Adjust to Continue Your Progress – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


We are nearing the end of January. Almost one month into the new year and I am still working on my New Year Resolutions. I know many people have already abandoned their hopes and dreams. Statistics tell us 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the second week of February. If you made a fitness-related resolution, then the second Friday in January was the fateful date when commitments crumbled. My goals are audacious, ambitious, optimistic, and exhausting. This month has shown me I was too confident with some and overly generous with others. No worries, I put on my editor hat to assess, revamp, and make needed adjustments.

I decided to shorten some goal’s finish dates and remove them from my list. However, bumping the timeline affects the remaining goals. Since I am struggling, it is clear they need extra work. I extended their timelines, added steps, and created more…

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