The black night and the shadow dance.


The black night and the shadow dance

A long time ago in the late night hours of Tubingen, Germany. You and I were wild and free. The yearly Summer festival was alive and well. We were drunk on love and we were drunk on the sweet Summer sweet red wine.

You were my ambrosia. Perfect hazel eyes, long tan legs and your danced to the faraway song like a tempting siren. Who wanted everything and who wanted nothing.

I told you my dear lover.
“The black night is here and the shadows of the night are upon us.
We are drunk on our youth and please kiss me sweetly, please kiss me long.
The black night tell no secrets and
I love to watch you dance to the faraway song.
You make the shadows of the midnight hour.
Come alive and make my world sweeter and darker.
You are my…

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