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A sense of generosity

If asked, Why do you give us light and warmth? We believe that the sun would answer, It’s my nature to do so. We must be like the sun, and locate and dispense our giving nature. When you’re on the active side of infinity, giving is your nature.

The more you give of yourself, no matter how little, the more you open door for life to pour in. This not only compensates you for your gift, it also increases the desire to give, and consequently the ability to receive as well. When you’re on the inactive side of infinity, you view life in terms of shortages, and hoarding becomes a way of living. Generosity, as well as the inclination to reach your intentions, is lost when you think in these terms. If you can’t see an infinite universe, with infinite supply, and infinite time and an…

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One thought on “Daily Dose for the Soul

  1. Generosity is a good thing for our mental health and well-being because when we give to someone we care about, we make it more likely for them to give to us, making us more likely to give to them, and so on.


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