The Sneaky Power of Your Small, Persistent Determination – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


In my periphery, just outside my window, something floated and swirled while I focused, concentrating on my screen. It moved again. Annoyed by the unexpected distraction, I glanced from my document to a scene grounded in reality and not the fantasy in my head. Small and white, barely visible against the backdrop of last week’s accumulation, snow flurries drifted. They appeared as almost imperceptible bits of fluff, but a few tiny dancing snowflakes never amount to anything. I dismissed them and returned to my task. Several hours later, I discovered a very different world. Those insignificant flakes were unrelenting in their objective to cover every bit of previously plowed, shoveled, scraped, and cleared surface. My weather app confirmed total snowfall of one to two inches.

The never-ending house remodeling project creeps along at a snail’s pace. I face the constant challenge of delayed components, contractor’s schedules, back-ordered items, and extended…

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