Cinderella Dating


Throughout the years…I’ve always considered myself an avid gamer. Not an intense, over the top, fully dedicated supergamerfanatic, but I’ve clocked a LOT of hours behind the screens of my different games. And when it comes to my gaming, regardless of the amount of hours booked, I’ve always been the ‘casual’ type. Most games come with three (or a couple more) different difficulty levels, ranging from casual to normal to hardcore (and sometimes a bunch more on top of that). And you’ll find me right there at the bottom – razing through the world as an overpowered casual lil’bitch.

Now, with all of my writings about me being an ambitious psycho of a person, it might surprise you that I generally play everything I play on the lowest difficulty setting. I’ll let you in on a secret though: that’s both because I tend to lack…

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