The Art of Doing Nothing – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Occasionally, you need to sit, put your feet up, pat yourself on the back, and offer yourself hearty congratulations on a job well done. Your time has arrived to acknowledge your achievements, appreciate the hurdles you have overcome, the milestones you hit, and say to yourself, “Damn, see what I did.” They have taught us not to express overt pride in our work. Best to appear humble, right? But is that the best strategy? What is wrong with a pure delight, a springing pep in your step, pumping your ego, and boosting your self-confidence when you have completed something you weren’t sure you could do?

Life is short. Do the unexpected. Pour a glass of champagne, draw a warm soaking bath, and luxuriate in the decadence of doing nothing. When you take a timeout, stop being hyper-productive, engaged, on task, and busy, what you notice might surprise you. Now that…

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