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Get ready to maximise your potential, maximise your living with empress2inspire’s new posts series “Daily Dose of Living”. These series will bring you the best in personal development and productivity every day of the week. Your best life awaits.

In today’s post we will learn why following your passion is crappy advice. Are you passionate about your life? Your job? Your hobbies? What are you passionate about? How do you incorporate those passions into your life? These are important questions closely linked to your happiness and contentment and personal growth. There a lot of self help people around the world who would ask you to drop everything in your life in the pursuit of your passion, sorry that’s crappy advice. Do not do that unless you want to be a failure. The problem is that we don’t have much evidence that this is how passion works. “Follow your passion” assumes:…

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2 thoughts on “Daily Dose of Living

  1. If you’re still discovering what your passion is, there are a couple things you can do to get you on the right path:

    Put self-care first. Need some tips? Check out my recent blog post on why self-care is the foundation of true success.
    Pay attention to what motivates and inspires you. Notice how you react to stories on TV, on the web, or in person.
    Ask friends or family members what they observe about you – do they see that you have a special talent, or that something really seems to ignite your inner spark?

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    1. Thanks so much for your great comment!! 😊😁 Discovering one’s passion is something that should be taught in our schools. I am fortunate to be pursuing my passion now, but was so long postponed!
      I so appreciate your mission to help people find their passion and follow it!! Bravo!!
      Always a pleasure to read and share your posts with followers, Dear! Hope you have a great day!
      xoxox 😘💕🎁😊🌹🌹


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