I used to be…


I used to be

A man is telling me of all his many deeds and accomplishments.
I smile and listen.
Pretend I care.

I don’t believe in talking about the past.
Today I am who I am.
What matters is what will I do today.

I used to be a drinker,
I used to be a Lover of women.
I used to tell the world to f-off and travel my own direction.

Now those days seem like Myth and tale of someone else  life.

I wonder who I am now?
The drinker lost the desire to drink.
The Lover found someone to hold on to.

The man who ran down streets and beaches telling the world to f-off has faded away.
Older, wiser and smarter?

I know today a man needs to be kind.
Needs to listen.
Fix problems, not create…

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