Release Your Anger and Stress in Favor of A Brighter Day – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Being an introvert, I am predisposed. I don’t really enjoy interacting with people. It ranks as one of my least favorite activities and generates never-wracking, exhausting, annoying, and stress-inducing feelings. Humans are fallible, error-prone, imperfect beings. We make mistakes, experience lapses in judgment, and space out when we should be concentrating. That leaves ample opportunities to offend others because of our bone-headed moves. When we increase our number of daily interactions, we multiply the odds of someone making us angry.

It would be easy to obsess over their ineptitudes, rage against their thoughtless behaviors, hold grudges, and look for ways to get even. But that requires vast amounts of emotional energy. It is precious energy I could use in more productive endeavors. The choice is mine, and I choose to let those feelings wash over me, pass through me, and I release them. I take a deep breath, gather the…

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