African Daisies

Charmed Chaos

Sown by gentle hands we lay 
in wait for nourishing winter rains 
sheltered from errant winds 
in the shadows of stalwart stones

We are but simple african daisies
wanting only to grow tall and strong
spreading our joyful riotous blooms
to banish winter’s muted grey tones

Once we flower, vivid blossoms soon fade
then our yellow and orange petals fall 
leaving tiny pods drying in brilliant sun
holding paper thin seeds of new beginnings

And soon, our newborn children take flight
spreading happiness in colors for all to see

Author’s Note: Grace is hosting at dVerse and has asked us to write a poem using personification and/or rich imagery. I tried to combine both. This poem came about because I am attempting to get African daisies started in my front yard, which is a desert landscape. They like rocky terrain, and once I get them established, they will spread each…

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