You and I – #Romantic #LovePoetry

Come and Enjoy This!!


You and I


Sweet Entanglement of Blissful Sighs,

You Whisper to my Heart in

Songs only my Spirit knows;

Lover of my Every Whim,

ArchAngel of my Passion and Truest

Minister of my every Dream,

Reach, Sweetest Darling, with Your

Exquisite Hands,

Touch this Love that sends deepest Shivers

Through the very Essence of me;

For All I am,

All I could ever Be,

All I shall ever aspire to become

Already Knows you;

Your most Handsome details,

Your guileless Gaze Whispering

Of All You are,

All You could ever Be,

All you Shall Ever Aspire to Become;

Desire Unified,

Love Eternal,

Most Beguiling Kiss and Enamored Sigh;

Each Second,

Each Heartbeat,


And I






Beautiful Original photography by: ~Jessica1986 on deviantART

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