The walls and the damn mirrors…


The walls and the damn mirrors

A Poem by Coyote Poetry
"Can’t hide what we became when we see our reflection in the mirrors"      

                     The walls and the damn mirrors

My father told me the Devil like to dance at dawn.
He like when the night overcomes the day.
He told me. No-one is pretty with age and abuse.
Life is fair for all people. We kill all the goodness inside.
Leaving bloody greedy people wanting selfless pleasure.
Not concern with the ending. Only concern for the self-gain.

Old dad told me he didn’t like the mirrors. He saw the Devil.
He said. “Men dwell in shit and announce he is in paradise.
Men devour life and poison all things he touches.
He drank at least one quart of rum daily. I asked him why?
He said rum blind me from the past and the future.

I found…

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