The Journey to Self Discovery Part 1

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Are you in any way dissatisfied with your life as it now stands? Has the pursuit, or even the achievement, of the goals you have set for yourself become somewhat frustrating? If so, this is the post for you.

An awakened person will try to learn something worthwhile along the way, to gradually accumulate assets of permanent value. In the final analysis, the supreme accomplishment is to improve significantly the one possession that is really ours to keep – our consciousness, our sense of identity, our inner self. All else eventually slips away. Seen in this way, life becomes a journey of self-discovery, and that is the theme of this book. The Journey of Self-Discoveryis your guide to a new way of looking at life, a way proven to lead you to higher levels of awareness and satisfaction.

Here are some questions you need to start asking yourself :

  • How do I…

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2 thoughts on “The Journey to Self Discovery Part 1

  1. Have you ever stopped to consider exactly what you want from life? Maybe you’ve taken this first step toward self-discovery, but haven’t uncovered a path toward achieving your main goals.

    Dreams, personal values, talents, even your personality traits may not always seem to matter much in the rush of daily life. But awareness of these characteristics can give you plenty of insight into your inner self.

    Day-to-day priorities are important, certainly. But a life that’s nothing more than a series of going through the same motions usually doesn’t provide much enjoyment.

    If you’ve reached a point in life where you find yourself asking, “Who am I, really?” some self-discovery can help you get to know yourself a little better.

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    1. Wow! What a wonderful response!!! Thanks so much for taking your precious time to share it with me. A this point in life – yes – to write poetry and have it published. Makes a huge difference in living and looking at life.

      I have a great quote that I love to keep one focused on your dreams – “What have you done today, to make your dreams come true!!” This deserves to be on a post-it note and put on one’s mirror!!
      xoxox 😘💕🌹✨

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