Texas bars and Texas women


Texas bars and Texas women

(A old poem written in 1993. When I roam the Texas as a young man.) Adult content!!!

The Army Doctor told  me.
“You are damn healthy,
you must take care of your self.”

I smiled.

I’m thinking about those Long Island ice teas down at the shot bar
that I would be enjoying in downtown Austin tonight.

I buried my third brother in a lonely grave in 1990.
They didn’t do a lot of good living.
They were like babies dying before learning how to live.

Hank William Jr. is singing in the background,
“Why do we drink? Why do we smoke?”

I drink to missed friends,
I drink to beautiful women,
I drink for my brother’s.

I smiled at  pretty, young Austin’s girls.
Tall, long legs, and filled with the spirit to celebrate life.
My good luck of being station in Texas.

Nothing better…

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