Self Validation

Be Inspired..!!

Taking yourself seriously, allowing yourself to feel what you feel (primary emotions), think what you think, want what you want, with acceptance and without judgements, second guessing, self loathing, or self contempt.

How can I validate myself? Here’s how

Using Mindfulness

  • Be mindful of your thoughts and feelings : observe, describe, participate, non-judgemental; just notice (what is, is).
  • Notice judgements but do not attach to them…let them go.
  • Notice your thinking, and observe it (not necessarily participating in the thought, not necessarily taking the thought as “true”)
  • Accurately identify your feelings (focus on primary emotions)
  • Allow yourself to feel my primary emotions; not escape from them with judgements, out of control actions, etc, and not numb out from them; instead allow and manage them skilfully, take your experiences seriously.
  • Respect your own values.

Using Radical Acceptance

  • Search for understanding and legitimacy, honestly & non-judgementally.
  • Try radical acceptance of being, of…

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