Not Remotely Interested… #LockdownTeaching

But I Smile Anyway...

I’m sitting here, freezing my toes off, as well as several other parts of my anatomy, as the UK is in the midst of a cold snap… Seriously, my fingers are like little icicles, as are my toes, and my nose feels like a little icy bump on my face.

Miserable. That’s me!

But no, seriously.

Ritu? Miserable? That’s not normal, is it?

I’m not miserable. A little fed up, maybe. Cold, definitely.


But as you will all be aware, the UK is now in its strictest lockdown phase again. I live in the South East, where we are now the hotspot for the highest number of cases of Covid-19. In fact in my specific area, I think we have the second highest figure…

That is just scary.

So, shops closed, (apart from essential items stores), restaurants closed, pubs and bars closed, everything closed, even schools.

They always said they…

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