Habits That Block Your Happiness Part 5

Be Inspired..!!

If you want to be happier, it’s all about taking control of what you do each day. Choose to ditch these following joy sucking and soul searing habits. Some of them may surprise you.

  • Censoring Your Self Expression – Keeping your authentic voice locked inside, for whatever reason, is a game of hide and seek, but no one is seeking.
  • Living as a Non-Failure – Failure is part of the process. Failing is part of your natural design. Embrace mistakes and shortcomings as part of the journey. They are not abnormal.
  • Lack of Committed Action – Procrastination and inaction can be whipped into shape by realising that even infinitesimal actions can massively change the trajectory of your life.
  • Being Too Busy – Anyone can find even a little time in their day to start a process of change. You will find that time when it’s important enough of you.
  • Anticipating…

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