Why I’m Not making New Year’s resolutions and why you shouldn’t either.

Pointless Overthinking

The dust from the holidays is starting to settle; it’s that time of year again.

Reflecting to become a “better” version of yourself isn’t inherently bad. However, resolving to become a better version of yourself based on an arbitrary date is not so good. Personally, I’d vote for an execution of the New Year’s resolution.

But why am I so against them?

I belong to the train of thought of consistent, healthy reflection. To regularly reflect on ways to help you enjoy your life more is a fantastic habit. For me, that can be eating more fruits and vegetables, practicing yoga every morning, meditating every night, etc. Set goals, reflect, repeat. The key is that this is a year round practice, not solely the solemn shift from one segment of time to the successive.

I’m a firm believer in setting specific goals; however, I don’t think goals should only…

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