Thoughts for January…

Come and Enjoy!

Steps In Between

After March’s isolation slipped into a suspended summer, and then a forgotten fall, winter arrived and slowed everything down. I’ve been quietly pondering the erratic passing of time over the year 2020, as many people have. It went by fast and slow all at the same time. Finally, it’s 2021. A new year to start fresh…or as fresh as any new year can be while it’s still stuck in the middle of the same blustery season.

I’ve decided to make resolutions again this year. I don’t always. Some years I simply want to carry on with the goals I’ve already set earlier in the year, usually in the summer. Right before August melts into September, when it’s still warm but the colors change; that’s typically my time to make life changes. I’m a teacher in my day job, so I suppose that’s the best focus time of the year for…

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