Give me something


“Lovers,” Mona Saudi (1963)

My ephemeral memory takes you away and I remain here wanting to remember you.

Your smell and taste become visions of transient moments that quietly linger in the stillness.

My body falls slowly into peace. It sleeps in tranquility yet my mind is on the verge of imploding.

I see myself with my eyes closed. I’m trying to dig, dig, dig in the darkness. I’m searching for a memory to entertain, comfort, amuse me. Perhaps, one I could sleep to.

My body lays still but my blood is rushing, saving seconds, tracking time before my mind is set free. Tick tock… my body heat is putting me to sleep.

But, I still see myself digging because this boredom is killing me. I need more from this silent night. My mind needs more from these fleeting days.

My body gives in. I kick. I move. I jump…

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