Word Of The Year “2021”

Writing with an Open Heart

My word for the year 2020 was:

I’ve been thinking a lot about a word for 2021.
“PEACE”has been circulating in my mind a lot.
-To havepeace from all the drama that has been happening in the past four months.
Inner peacewith all the decisions I’ve made over the years.
-To focus on the present moment and to continue my journey peacefully.
-To keep searching for peaceful moments during tough times.

What’s your word for the year 2021?

I know a lot of people are afraid to think of a new year.
So it’s a little tricky to find a word for 2021 with everything that’s been happening this year. However,I think it’s good to enter this new year with fresh intentions.

Looking forward to know in the comment section.

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