At Year’s End

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Our calendars are about to tell us to turn the page to a new start. May we all rebound from what was 2020, a year for some filled with more than usual angst, loss, and upheaval. Sorry, it must be said – 2020 sucked! Even for those whose lives weren’t challenged, they lost normalcy in the way where the hits kept coming throughout the year. It’s time we move on from this to find some equilibrium again. May 2021 be that for us.

Throughout 2020, there were some good times, even though life shifted, making it a bit difficult for us. Although not able to spend much time together, my family and I got creative to see each other. We are all safe and still healthy; hopefully, we will continue to remain so.

With restrictions in place, spending time with friends was almost non-existent, but my love and…

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