Tips for Being an Optimal Communicator

Be Inspired..!!

Conflict in a relationship is virtually inevitable. In itself, conflict isn’t a problem; how it’s handled, however, can bring people together or tear them apart. Poor communication skills, disagreements, and misunderstandings can be a source of anger and distance or a springboard to a stronger relationship and a happier future.

Here are few tips for being an optimal communicator :

  • Surprises matter. Your significant other might want to surprise you, but has no idea what to do. Think of things that would pleasantly surprise you if your partner did them, and then hint about a couple of them. Try to surprise your significant other once or twice a month, too.
  • Mirror your partner when talking. After your partner speaks, say something like “Let me see if I’ve got that…Your partner will feel as though you’re truly working to understand what he or she is saying.
  • Play is good. Remember to have…

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