Just dancers



We are walking on pins and needles. Once we spoke loverโ€™s words. Now we are strangers, imprisons in self-made hell. Did we love? Do we hate?

We tasted sweet, we tasted bitter. Can love die? Can dead man feel the caress of love kiss again?
Maybe, we were, just dancers, wanting too little, wanting too much?

I want the rain to fall upon us, the rain of memory. Once lovers, once friend. We need to find the place, where the heart needed kiss and embrace.

Are we brave enough? Are the fingerprints of love touch, locked away in a secure safe. Never to be found.
Should I stay? Should I escape from you?

In the windmills of my mind, we danced in the midnight hours and we loved, love.
Are we doomed to accept less? I accept the blame and I wished upon the first star of theโ€ฆ

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