She Wondered if He Ever Spoke of Her Like That

Never Silence the Madness

All she wanted was to feel his finger tips

She wanted to hear songs about their future

She wanted see the score wrap around their bodies as he spoke of all the ways he loved her

She wanted nothing more than to be aroused by the tales of his day

The plans that he’s made

The blueprint of his life that had her etched into every corner

She wanted to feel his lips between hers




She hungered for him

Not only his skin

And his kisses

Or the way that he looked at her

She hungered for his mind and his strength

His vulnerability

His passion

His erudite rant on all the things she once knew nothing of

Or even cared to know

Watching his wheels turn as he spoke of all the things he loved

The details of every manufacturer, the rational for every dip and…

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