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Tricky topic today!
One I actually doubted to post about, even, for a while. Just because, yaknow. Tricky.
Mostly because I like to be seen as a nice person, even though I’m quite aware of my (many) flaws and the fact that I am, in fact, not really that nice of a person (I always strongly identify with the grumpy old grinches in all of those sitcoms like The ranch (Beau Bennett! <3) or Red in That 70’s show or Al Bundy in well…Modern Family 😉 ).

But also because if I don’t post it, this is something that no one will know about me, so why do it, right? Well: as I sat here pondering I figured I might as well take the advice I often give other people: ‘just be yourself, that’s all you can do, and the rest will come to pass‘.

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