The past few years I was a firm and committed member of the club of people vowing to ‘only make the resolution to make no New Years Resolutions, cause nobody fucking ever keeps ’em anyway‘. No month-of-January-only gym-memberships that then resulted in a year of (as I like to call it) paying ‘fat-tax‘ for being too lazy to go to the gym but having to pay for it anyway. No life altering pattern-changers like ‘no constant swearing‘ or silly things like ‘being kind to random strangers‘.

But after the 2020 we’ve had – I have decided to do it differently come 2021. I’m going to make ALL of the resolutions. The list of lists of resolutions. I’m going to build a steady foundation to a healthy life on all of the important pillars of ambition and be the happiest-in-theory-2021-inhabitant around.

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