Do(n’t) feed the troll xD!


Move over Kendall Jenner en Kim Kardashian!
Internet-fame has embraced me as its newest inhabitant and I shall need my throne polished and shined to its most sparkly capacity!

Because – as we all know: the true measure of internet fame is when you start getting haters and the trolls come out of the woodwork! I don’t just mean the spambots that WordPress’ Akismet is very capable of fishing out, but the true internet warriors that venture into the online world from the relative safety of their keyboard dungeons.

And I got one!
My very first one!
(I might possibly be way too inappropriately excited about this)
But I’ve been grinning and laughing my ass off since their first comment of my modest little blog – so I figured I’d document this for all eternity as the official first troll-sighting on Zoewiezoe!

Because believe it or not (I’d…

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