Peer pressure


I suppose this is what I get for moving to a small Christian town: I just went out and delivered 10 Christmas cards directly to my neighbours mailboxes.

I don’t send Christmas cards.


I never understood the need, want or necessity of it. Until I received 4 cards from neighbours I only randomly greet in the street if they happen to be outside when I walk to or from my car. They sent em cause they’re nice fucking people. Now I have to because my adled brain is convinced it would be unforgivingly rude not to. Fucking peer pressure.

So I bought cards. Inscribed an unheartfelt message on ’em. And shoved em into the mailboxes on all the houses in my street. While feeling grumpy about it. Grmbl.

I fucking need them to take my packages when I’m not home. And to not make noise complaints when the house…

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