Today is a binge sort of day. Truthfully, I’m expected it might even be the windup for a binge sort of week (seeing as I’m off work next week and it’s the Holiday seasons so the stores are a veritable deathtrap of yummy foods that I can’t resist).

I don’t have it in me to stop myself. Do you ever have those moments? That you WANT to be good, but know that you won’t? I literally know that I will be chastising myself every step of the way, and then break all of my self-made rules anyway. Binge week.

They always say: don’t go shopping when you’re hungry. Which doesn’t really work for me since…well…I’m always hungry. So my house is stocked to the brim with enough food to last a single person three weeks – which I’m expecting to see disappeared by the end of the next…

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