Loving someone

Loly Rinn

I love someone but this society with its boxes of conformity says I shouldn’t. It doesn’t fit. It doesn’t belong. It can’t be. You can’t do that. I’m asking, why not? By the way, I’m questioning everything these days.

It’s the kind of love you have for someone and can’t explain why. Love that takes your heart hostage and won’t let go even though you’re absolutely terrified. Is it from another dimension? Have I entered the twilight zone? Or have I simply lost my mind?

Sometimes I think I love too much. A brilliant sky seemingly painted with a brush takes my breath away. A cat with a profound human connection for me I can’t put up for adoption. A lost soulmate I can’t let go of. It just goes on and on.

My heart feels like glass and I find it shattered on the floor more often than not…

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