One-Liner Wednesday – Kisaan (Not one line, though)

But I Smile Anyway...

“My roots are firmly in the ground, where my ancestors’ blood, sweat and tears can be found

Ritu Bhathal

I can’t leave this week with just one line.

Have you read about the protest happening in India, right now? It is the biggest peaceful protests in human history, yet it has not been publicised on Western Media channels.

250 MILLION people, farmers from all corners of India, but starting from the Punjab, have been walking to Delhi, to stand up to the PM, Modi, and his government.

And they march, peacefully, to dispute three bills that have been passed. Bills that will kill farming, if they stay.

I am no expert, but here are some simple slides on Insta that may help.

Peaceful protests, yet they are facing police brutality, and water cannons. These same people are…

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