I went back to school!

Come And Learn about Skillshare! Check it out!


Kind of. You can define your own school. So if you’re into Youtube and watching Youtubers you probably heard about Skillshare. I am in love and I am back to being a student.

I love the range of classes you can take on Skillshare and it’s not all that expensive. To be honest, I used a Youtubers code to get a free trial but I do not plan on cancelling my subscription at all. I have classes on cooking, making YT videos (you know I am getting into that), digital marketing, videography etc. I already have my boards created for different topics. I am in love with Skillshare.

After dropping out of grad school, I stopped learning in this way. You know, having a notebook in front and investigating a topic, writing down notes, highlighting stuff. I never knew how much I missed being a student. I would not change my decision of dropping out and entering…

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