Keep you..

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Keep you

I remember the day you saved me.
Your gentle eyes of hazel green saw me and
you caressed my face with your soft hands and you whispered.
“Been too long dear Johnnie and you have been too sad. You need some tender loving care.”

You embraced me and whispered.
“I will keep you safe my love and we will erase the bad days.
We will find the sea again and dance/drink with the sea till the old days are forgotten.
We will sing the sinner’s lullaby and pray for rare and treasure place where we can be reborn.”

I brought you closer and I whispered to you.
Dear Liz. Kind and sweet Elizabeth. You are my last wish to sing and dance to the sea and the night stars.
You are my gift of mercy and when you are near. My heart is brave and I believe. Life…

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