Honesty Is Hard To Find 💋


Screw you past, Forget you covid! HONESTY ❤

Can anyone be honest anymore??

Long work day, 2 glasses of wine, honest in heart and soul..turning everyone away! Because dishonesty is obvious!! Tired of saying…NO!! I say NO all day ..everyday…WTH is going on!!

Be honest!

Someone whom was much younger then me came into my life the other day on a whim helped me when I threw my keys accidentally into a dumpster , sexy, adorable, beautiful, i turned him away because of age and circumstances ..funny thing, he was probably more honest than the last 13 years of my life …sad fact! Honest with intent and words…just not for me!! But at least HONEST!!!

Come on why is honesty so damn hard

Blame the merlot tired of bullshit!!

Now I am being honest!!

Get what you want!!! STOP making excuses and just do it!! Everyone uses excuses as a…

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