Undying Charm

Megha's World

Based on the PROMPT: Use the phrase “as winter whispers” in any form of writing by Tuesday Writing Challenge at GoDogGo cafe



The gelid Northern zephyrs have retraced their steps 

back into the narrow lanes of my quaint town


Corrugated cold cobblestones waiting feverishly 

for the warm clickety clackety of footsteps


Once again, to warm cold corners of this city. 

This city that wishes to whisper undying sweet melodies


of its cold nights warming next to the sizzling fireplace;

the warmth seeping in every corner of the room birthing a love story


Narrow streets have been adorned with warm ciders that sweeten the breath of those I love. 

Susurrous rhythm of the jubilant chorals weaves a mellifluous tune 


in every longing heart. Melodious symphony of the very being of the city comes alive

even in his frigid cold. This city carries the warmth as…

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