Candy Crushed


Most of my mornings start off with me in the warm comfort of my blanket-and-pillow-nest, unwilling to get up and face the cold. Which usually translates to me slacking off on my phone for about 30 minutes to an hour, before dragging myself from my den and into the world. I cycle through a bunch of apps, like WordPress (gotta keep up with all my favorite blogs of course) and a shot of social media on Insta/Facebook.

After that I dive into my guilty pleasure: phone games. Lords of Mobile is usually up first – seeing as I gots to get my farm on. After that it’s a bit of June’s Journey (search-and-find game) to boot up my brain and memory, the daily level on Blockudoku, a bit of Pokemonning and then I fall into the mindnumbing drone of a round or 5 of Candy Crush…

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