Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar Part 2

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Apple cider vinegar is the current trend among fitness enthusiasts and health freaks. But unbeknownst to many, the apple cider vinegar health benefits have been around for long, and as a home remedy, they are legendary!It is versatile as it can treat everything from varicose veins to a sore throat.

Here are a few benefits of apple cider vinegar :

  • Use as a facial toner. To maintain optimal pH balance of skin. Dab concoction of 1 part ACV, 2 parts water on skin nightly after washing face.
  • Put a little ACV in boiling water when you are cooking hardboiled eggs to keep them from cracking.
  • Spray your pet’s fur coat with equal parts ACV/Water once a day to get rid of fleas. Repeat until fleas are gone.
  • Apply directly to sunburn skin with cotton balls soaked in ACV to relieve pain.
  • Make a simple and effective fruity trap by adding…

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