Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 300 – Tercentenary!

Come and celebrate with Ritu and Spidey for their 300th post!! Yeah!!!
Congratulations, Ritu 😁😁✨✨

But I Smile Anyway...

Thank you for sticking with Spidey and me for the last 300 (ish) weeks!

Ritu Bhathal


Spidey. You and me for 300 weekly posts. That is kind of mind blowing, isn’t it?

I thought, this week, we would just go back to the origins of Spidey’s Serene Sundays, especially for all you newer followers!

Way back when… 300 ish weeks ago, I was relatively new to blogging. I had fallen into this blogisphere, to be honest, and I had no clue about what to write. I used to post randomly. There was an awful lot of stream of consciousness posts, though I wasn’t aware that was their name. And I’d post random stuff. Silly pics, anecdotes, my thoughts.

No rhyme, nor reason.

One Sunday morning, I went to visit the bathroom, as you do, and I was greeted with the sight of Spidey, as above, sitting on the bathroom…

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4 thoughts on “Spidey’s Serene Sunday – Part 300 – Tercentenary!

    1. Oh Ritu, It is such a huge honor and Joy to share with followers all about You, Spidey and your blog! I love Your blog and posts and it is a real joy to follow you!! You bless and support so many in the WP community and I especially have been blessed and appreciate so much your consistent and loyal support of my blog too! Wishing you and yours the best of everything!!


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