#SoCS Dec. 5/2020 – List

But I Smile Anyway...

Linda’s #SoCS Prompt:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “list.” Make or talk about a list. Enjoy!


Time to talk lists.

I’m a Virgo, I love lists.

Lists help me get through all sorts of situations from work-related issues and to-do jobs, and home ones too, like shopping lists, or packing lists for when we go away.

But my biggest, constant list is my TBR (To Be Read) list.

I have less unread physical books, so my ones to read are in a bag, usually by my bedside, but currently at my inlaws house, as we pack bits and bobs up ready for whenever that dream house comes along. That’s my TBR pile.

My list, and I have a proper list written out, (or typed, actually) of my e-books currently on my Kindle, is LOOOOONG!

It’s got the ARCS from…

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