looking in your window

Do you remember being left in the rain struggling for something to say?

You said standing there so helplessly, felt familiar somehow.

Staring down leftover droplets balanced on garden petals, it felt luck was about to fall your way.

You could never remember how it all worked out.

We grew tired of dodging broken memories that worked to block the route.

Being in the moment required kicking up a little dust to clear a path.

Laying together we watched shadows paint the wishes of tomorrow.

You asked me to take your hand and move with you.

We were caught staring at the ceiling looking to be set free.

Barely holding trembling smiles, awaiting tears that wouldn’t come.

Just as I never suspected, you left me stranded.

It never felt like work, but maybe it was destined that we wouldn’t get it right.

Promise never to turn your back to girls…

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