A New Man (with audio)


Secret Thoughts Within

We’ve been together for so long
I hope you understand
I think it might be time
For me to find a new man.

I want some fresh romance
Someone who will bring me flowers
A man who’s company
I’ll enjoy for endless hours.

I need a man with wit
One who will make me laugh
Or leave me alone to enjoy
A solitary bath.

Give me a man with charisma
And that special kind of charm
Let’s not forget to mention
Toned muscles in his arms.

After I cook us dinner
He’ll do the dishes every night
And be quick to say he’s sorry
When we get into a fight.

He’ll know just what to say
When I’m feeling blue
And exactly how to tease
When I’m in a quirky mood.

I need a man who’ll make
Me scream out his name
Rekindling my passion
Turning embers into flame.


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