Word Cento of Poem “On Listening to Jericho Brown” by Joshua Corwin featured in Oddball Magazine

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Happy to see my poem “On Listening to Jericho Brown” which was published in Rising Phoenix Review was made into a word cento by amazingly talented LA based poet Joshua Corwin.The word cento was featured in the Incentovise Column#14 in the OddBall Magazine.

Joshua Corwin created word-centos of poetry by Tali Cohen Shabtai, Megha Sood, Jendi Reiter and Thelma T. Reyna. (In non-shpiggidity- shpaggidity speak, aword-cento is basically a rearrangement of the words of a poem how-ever you see fit, but only using the words of the poet, particularly the words in only one poem of said saint.) Then he follows it with a meditative insert.

Here is the link to the Incentovise #14: Have a Little Faith with my Friends

Happy Poetry!!

Megha Sood

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