Photography, A Beginner’s Guide – Talking Pictures 1 – An article by Goff James

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IMGP0220aFB0 Goff James, Autumn Gold, 2017 (FL 18.00mm, Exp. 1/100sec, f/8, ISO 3200)

Image information – FL 18.00mm, Exp. 1/100, f/8, ISO 3200

Sometimes, especially for a beginner, it is good to look at photographs one has taken as well as those of other photographers; by doing so, one is able to learn to understand better what photography is all about. Landscape photography is a good place to start.

The image above is a photograph of a scene within a local park taken in the mid afternoon. The Autumn lighting condition was bright but hazy.

The image is a wide angled outdoor shot. The image possesses an excellent depth of field ensuring that the whole image remains clearly defined.

If one views the image from the bottom up I have attempted to use the rule of thirds to dictate how the image is laid out.

The darker shrubbery, fence and path…

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