Maybe to get me through???

Kevin Parish

Hello my sweet and precious WordPress family peeps!

I hope you are all happy, safe, healthy and doing well!

I am contemplating placing some of my paintings out here to see what kind of microfiction stories or poetry they might glean…

I dabble in abstract acrylic pourings, and I am always fascinated by the interpretations of what people see in these paintings.

So, with that in mind, and in lieu of my muse making me wait like a good, innocent, loving couple for their eventual wedding night, I think I like this idea.

I was in my new painting area (basement) while flooring is being installed upstairs and I was looking at several of my paintings and thinking of what I was seeing… Then, in a flash, I wondered if this might be an opportunity to see what inspiration some of them might bring to my WP peeps…

I like…

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